Appointments Offered

Appointments are 30 minutes unless accommodations are needed or it’s an APP appointment.  Read about the different type of appointments offered below.

During the first week of the quarter and first week of registration calendar availability changes. Instead of being able to see availability two weeks in advance, the calendar will open up one day at a time. This means that students will be able to schedule appointments on a first come first serve basis. We advise waking up at 8 am to book an appointment with an advisor so you can be see that day. 

 Academic Performance Plans are created in collaboration with Academic Advising, the student, and Financial aid (FA). Students who have not met satisfactory academic performance  requirements (SAP) and wish to continue receiving funding from FA would need to complete this detailed plan with an advisor. These appointments are 60 minutes long .  If you need an APP appointment please call our office at 425-564-2212 for further assistance or submit a ticket.  

If choosing to submit a ticket be sure to include your program of study or if you are transferring your intended major*, pronouns, preference of phone or video appointment through microsoft teams, and availability for the week. If you choose a phone appointment you must include a phone number in the ticket as well.

Students may be required by financial aid to get a signed education plan from their advisor for various reasons including: updating records, degree changes, and education plan adjustment. 

Covers various topics not limited to:  creating education plans,  unofficial credit evaluations , transfer questions, academic support,  ensuring education goals  align with career goals,  connect to resources, and much more! 

Advisors will provide an Educational Plan to demonstrate what the student is working on and planning to take. The IE advisor will sign off on the actual paperwork. This is a collaboration between Academic Advising and International Education.

Students who are part of International Education may need an advisor to sign off on their OPT/CPT forms. The advisor will compare their program of study and ensure it matches with the type of internship or training experience.

Last Updated May 28, 2021