Meet with an Advisor

Academic Advisors only meet with Bellevue College students.

If you are not yet a Bellevue College student and would like to meet with someone please attend an information session and for help choosing a career you may make an appointment with a career counselor.

If this is your first time to college, you will need to take the Math and English assessment and then attend a Bellevue Advising and Registration Kickoff Session (BARK).  These sessions are facilitated by academic advisors, and you will receive assistance from advisors in choosing and registering for your first quarter classes.  Sign-up for BARK here


 If you are a new running start student you must complete the mandatory orientation before meeting with an advisor click here to find out more, if you have already completed one quarter or more you can meet with an advisor as a continuing student. Click here to access the orientation power point Academic Advising Workshop Running Start Summer 2015

If you are a continuing student or transferring-in with credits, click here to find your advisor.  Or register for a Transfer IN advising workshop where you will learn how to transfer your credits from another college and meet with the right advisor, click here to find a session or click here to access the power point Transfer to BC. Call 425-564-2212 to make an appointment during regular business hours.  Registration is our busiest time and we may not be able to answer the phone in a timely manner. You can also come to the second floor of the B building to make an appointment or for same day appointments. Same day appointments are offered Monday through Thursday only and are first come-first served so during registration time come early.

If you are Undocumented Student or Dreamer, that is a non-citizen who entered the U.S. without legal immigration status or who stayed after the period they were authorized to be here, follow the steps:

1. Apply to Bellevue College by clicking this link. Remember to leave the social security number blank.

2. Secure your funding by applying to the Washington State Financial Aid for Dreamers.

3. Take the assessment.

4. If this is your first time to college attend a Bellevue Advising and Registration Kick-off (B.A.R.K.) session. If you have previous college credit make an appointment with an advisor.

5. Register for classes.

6. Pay your tuition

7. You may also qualify for the BC Dreamers Scholarship, please contact Foundation office (A101) for more information. Phone: (425) 564-2386 Email:

The best time to make an appointment is as soon as the schedule for the quarter is published. During the week before classes start and the first week of the quarter we only do drop ins and quick questions in order to help as many students as possible.