Plan Your Classes


Our Advising Method:

STEP 1: Make sure that your academic record is up to date and includes any transferred credits.

STEP 2: Fill out the Educational Planning Worksheet with classes you’ve completed towards your degree/certificate. (*See sample plans below)

STEP 3: Find out which classes you still need to complete.

  • Run a Degree Audit Report:
    • Your PIN is your birthday (mm/dd/yy)
    • Click on the list to view all the degrees and certificates.
    • Select the degree you’re pursuing.
    • Click “expand all” to see which requirements you’ve fulfilled.
    • Click “course options” for the list of classes that fulfill requirements.
  • Investigate your Bellevue College Degree or Certificate Requirements.
  • Review courses required toward particular university majors.
  • Determine the sequence of math and English courses you need to take by reviewing the flowcharts on the Placement and Testing Center’s website.
    • If this is your first quarter at Bellevue College, your math and/or English assessment will determine where you begin on the flowchart.
    • Keep in mind the prerequisite grades that you’ll need to obtain to move on to the next class.

STEP 4: Decide which classes to take.

STEP 5: Register for your classes.

Sample Educational Plans:

The following sample plans will give you an idea of which courses to take when, and they’ll assist you in course sequencing. These are unofficial.

Additional Resources:


Last Updated May 3, 2019