Repeated Class Information

The repeat grade policy is designed to increase your BC cumulative gpa. This policy is often particularly helpful for students who want to transfer to highly competitive programs or who are just below the 2.0 cum gpa required for degrees and certificates. It is also helpful for students just below the gpa needed for graduating with honors.


Students may repeat a course taken at Bellevue College in order to improve their skills or the course grade.  All course repeats must comply with the Procedures for Repeating a Course.

The course repeat policy only applies to courses that are taken at Bellevue College.

  • A course may be repeated only twice (taken a total of three times) unless otherwise specified in the college catalog.
  • Credit for any course is earned only once (except courses designed to be taken multiple times, as noted in the Bellevue College Catalog).
  • Only the highest grade awarded will be used in computing the Bellevue College GPA.
  • Each grade received will remain on the student’s transcript; the Registrar will place an “R” next to other grade(s) received for that course.
  • Courses must be repeated for a letter grade unless the course is offered only as pass/fail.
  • The course repeat process DOES NOT apply to grade symbols: I, NC, W, HW, Y or Z.
  • The Bellevue College repeat policy may or may not be recognized by other institutions, at their sole discretion.
  • To repeat a course, students must re-register and pay all necessary tuition and fees.

Last Updated January 29, 2018