Returning Students

Welcome back to college. We are excited to have you!

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Although circumstances for returning are unique to each person it takes courage to take this step in continuing your education. We are committed to helping you navigate your return to college. Please read the following information so you can have a successful journey here at Bellevue College.


Re-apply only if you previously attended through a program that did not collect residency information (non-credit classes, continuing education, College in the High School, CTE/Tech Prep, Running Start 2019 or earlier). To find out which programs that will need to re-apply, review the admissions website for more information.

Advisors meet with students based on pathways that is in line with their education and career goal. Advisors calendars publishes availability 14 days in advance. If you do not see any appointments that meet your availability, please check back daily. Find your pathway to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

If you have questions or concerns after reviewing the various pathways you can call our office at 425-564-2212 or submit a ticket.

Schedule Appointment

STEP 1: Make sure that your academic record is up to date and includes any transferred credits.

For questions about credit transfers (including AP/IB courses and credit from previous colleges/universities), check out the Transfer Enrollment page or submit a Student Central Request.

STEP 2: Fill out the Educational Planning Worksheet with classes you’ve completed towards your degree/certificate. (*See sample plans below)

Are you unsure about which program to pursue?

STEP 3: Find out which classes you still need to complete.

STEP 4: Decide which classes to take.

Step 5: Register for your classes!

Depending on how long ago you’ve taken classes, this can be a good resource to refresh you on how to navigate the website, how to sign up for classes, understanding various resources offered, and meet with an advisor (who attends NSO) to get you started.

Learn more about signing up for NSO online. We recommend the “Live Session” as our advisors attend them.

Advising Resources

Campus Wide Resources

Last Updated July 15, 2021