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Deanne Eschbach

Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement /Humanities & Communication Advising

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Advising Specialty: I advise for the Social Sciences, Public Service & Community Engagement Pathway and Humanities & Communication Pathway, primarily students interested in transfer and majoring in the Social Sciences and the Arts & Humanities at a university.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Education, Teacher Certification in Physical Education; Bachelor of Arts, Parks and Recreation, Western Washington University.

What can Bellevue College do for you: Bellevue College can provide students with the opportunity to pursue their educational goals and interests and explore new areas of study.

What advice would you give a student: Work with an advisor and begin the university transfer process early, research university programs and majors to determine prerequisites, “fit” and transfer “major ready.” I recommend an internship or volunteering and service learning in your area of study. Lastly, follow your passions, challenge yourself and be a lifelong learner.

Hobbies and/or interest: Attending Seattle Sounders games, backpacking, cross-country and downhill skiing, road trips, cooking, and walking my golden retriever.

Ask me about: Ice climbing.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t let your major guide your career.”

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