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MariaPaula McPherson

Business Advising

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Advising Specialty: I advise for the Business Pathway, which includes university transfer options.

Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

Education: Bachelor in Physical Education by University of Santo Andre – Sao Paulo- Brazil; Master in Education from University of Washington and Doctor in Education by University of Portland

What can Bellevue College do for you: Bellevue College can provide a comfortable place for students to succeed. The Business transfer program is a great place to start for students interested in a degree in business at the university. The IBIT programs are perfect for someone wanting to enter the workplace quickly.

What advice would you give a student? Talk to me! I am here to help you use the resources that the college can provide. Start planning your degree now and see the advisors every quarter!

Hobbies and/or interest: Camping, skiing, cycling, and of course my dogs.

Ask me about: Travel: I have lived in several countries and have been an international flight attendant.

Favorite Quote: “There is, in fact, no teaching without learning. One requires the other.” Paulo Freire

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