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Sarah De Witt

Health Sciences Advising

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Advising Specialty: Health Sciences

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Education: Bachelor of Art in Communication and Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, Master of Education from Central Washington University

What advice would you give a student?

  • It might seem daunting to ask your questions but never be afraid to ask them! Navigating college can be confusing and overwhelming but there are staff and faculty who are here for you and want to answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction!
  • Utilize your resources. As a Bellevue College student, you are paying tuition for, not only your classes but also, campus resources! Campus resources such as the library, faculty office hours, the academic success center, computer labs, and student organizations are here to give you a sense of belonging and make sure you’re successful in your classes so you can meet your educational and career goals.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy baking! My dream is be on the Great British Baking show, or at least bake like I’m on the Great British Baking Show. When I’m not baking, I enjoy reading or spending time with my energetic dog, Forest, or my more mellow cat, Iris.

Ask me about: That one time I drove to Oregon for a breakfast burrito.

Favorite Quote: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” – Mahatma Ghandi

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