Veratta Pegram-Floyd Picture

Veratta Pegram-Floyd

Director of Student Orientation, Advising, and Retention | Interim Humanities and Communication and Technology and Data Pathways Advisor


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Education: Undergraduate: Bachelor in Social Work with an additional major in Sociology; Graduate: Master of Education in Student Development Administration, both from Seattle University #ProudDoubleAlumna #jeSUit

What can Bellevue College do for you: Combined with the work you are willing to put in and are dedicated to, Bellevue College can help you to achieve your self-identified version of success.

What advice would you give a student: As a student (and later, an adult) who still struggles with this, ask for help. Modern society would like us to believe that we are to operate as autonomous beings without any kind of healthy dependence on others. I disagree. As the director, I do not know everything and choose to lean on my staff to help fill in my gaps with their expertise and experience. It is OK not to know, but it is not OK to remain in that place. Ask for help so that you can properly access resources and get to the success you have identified for yourself.

Hobbies and/or Interests: Baking (ask me about s’mores cookies!), Reading, Creative Writing (poetry, original and fanfiction), and exploration of new food venues and activities across the Pacific Northwest.

Ask Me About: Navigation of campus and community resources. In addition to my work in higher education, I also have a background rooted in access with includes affordable housing property management and non-profit organization leadership at the intersection of social services and education. Additionally, I have a diverse network and often come across random niche scholarships and internship opportunities.

Student Affairs/Life Philosophy: Reach Back and Pull Forward

How to contact Veratta: