Allied Health Entry Code Request Form

Allied Health students can now request entry codes online (login required).

Things to keep in mind when requesting entry codes:

  • This request for is ONLY for students registering for Allied Health classes.
  • Once prerequisites have been confirmed entry codes are generated and emailed to your Bellevue College email address.
  • If you are currently enrolled in prerequisite course(s) for the class you are requesting an entry code and you do not pass the required course(s) with a C or better you will be dropped from the class you are requesting an entry code for.
  • Prior to receiving an entry code for Introduction and Externship courses you must confirm that you have satisfied all Immunization and Background Check Requirements, which includes uploading all paperwork into your Certified Profile. If you have not setup a Certified Profile account, please contact the Allied Health Clinical Coordinator, Dominicka Ramsay.
  • Prior to receiving an entry code for an externship course we must receive confirmation from your instructor that you’ve passed your skills test.
  • DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER. Entry codes do not guarantee you a seat in the class.

Last Updated May 7, 2015