Transition from Health Professions to Allied Health

Beginning Summer 2014, the Health Professions (HPRO) department is transitioning to Allied Health (AHE).


The department is making this change to provide a better service for our students. The transition will allow the department to adapt to the changing health care environment. The changes reflect updates to the programs of study, allow for new programs, and encourage developing academic options such as the Associates of Applied Science in Allied Health.

New Students

This transition will NOT effect new students in the Allied Health programs. New students simply need to follow their chosen program of study.

Current students

 All of your prior HPRO courses still count toward your program of study.

  • You are simply required to complete the program requirements, the credits required is based on when you started your program.
    • There may be credit discrepancies between what you have completed and what the program of study requires. You may end up with greater or fewer credits than is listed for the program. This will be addressed when you apply for graduation.

The new Allied Health Education courses may be configured differently.

  • The new Allied Health Education courses my have different credit loads, be offered at different times and in different methods than their HPRO equivalent.
  • In order to complete your program of study, you will need to enroll in the required Allied Health Education (AHE) courses, as the HPRO courses are no longer being offered at Bellevue College.
  • The Allied Health Cross Walk will compare the courses you may have taken to the new course equivalent or new course required.
  • For the most current list of courses, please consult the online catalog and schedule.
    • Look for Allied Health Education courses (AHE, AHEA, AHEE, AHEL, AHEP, AHEM).

All courses will be listed under Allied Health Education (AHE) or one of the program specific sections:

  • Allied Health Education (AHE) applies to general or foundation courses
  • Allied Health Education Administration (AHEA) applies to administration focused courses
  • Allied Health Education Laboratory (AHEL) applies to laboratory focused courses
  • Allied Health Education Emergency (AHEE) applies to emergency focused courses
  • Allied Health Education Pharmacology (AHEP) applies to pharmacology focused courses
  • Allied Health Education Medicine (AHEM) applies to clinical medicine focused courses

The transition period will be valid for three (3) years.

  • If you began your program prior to Summer 2014, you have until Summer 2017 to complete the requirements indicated in the HPRO program you enrolled in.
  • After Summer 2017, HPRO courses will no longer apply toward certification in an Allied Health program of study.  Those courses may still be applied as electives.

If you have additional questions, please schedule an appointment with an advisor or the department director.

Last Updated May 14, 2014