Traditional Program

Medical Assistant – Phlebotomy (MA-P) certification:

During the last week of the term before you will be entering your practicum (externship) complete the following steps:

1. Verify that you have completed ALL required courses and prerequisites for graduation (other than the externship you are currently enrolled in).

2. Complete the Professional Technical Degree/Certification application for graduation (select “Certificate of Achievement” from the options); this is the process that allows the college to identify (list) your certificate on your transcript.

3. If you have any transfers, substitutions or waivers; ensure they have been processed.

After successful completion of your practicum (externship) and after grades have been posted for that term.

4. Verify issuance of your certificate (this usually takes 2 weeks AFTER the end of the term it was validated), it will be indicated on the bottom of your transcript, “Phlebotomy Certificate”.

5. Complete the Washington State, Department of Health, MA-Phlebotomy Certification application.

6. Request that official transcripts be sent to the Department of Health directly from Bellevue College, per page 5 of the State application, item 7(A). (This is why you should verify the certificate, step (4) above.)

7. Send your completed Washington State Application, along with any fees or other documentation to the Department of Health (their address and information is in the packet / application).

Once you have completed the above steps and the Department of Health has your application materials, it can take 2-6 weeks for your certification to be issued. This is at the State level; the College does not have control over the issuance.

Last Updated May 8, 2023