Stella Orechia Picture

Stella Orechia

Health & Physical Education Faculty


Stella has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physical Education and Health Education. Her Undergraduate study was done at Brigham Young University and graduate work at San Francisco State University. She has been teaching physical education and health classes at Bellevue College since 1997, and coached its cross-country team for nine years.

After taking her classes, she hopes her students recall and apply health and safety principles for personal and professional endeavor, maintain skills to respond to emergencies and to care for victims until advanced help arrives, appreciate the importance of positive lifestyle behaviors in multiple dimensions of health, and share knowledge and skills while giving back by promoting wellness and safety at home, in the workplace, and throughout the community.

Additionally, she has been an American Red Cross Instructor since 1990 and American Heart Association Instructor since 2005. She was a member of the American College of Sports Medicine from 1990-2012. She is an active Vice President of NW Communities of Burma, mentoring and assisting refugees from Southeast Asia as well as a Wing Luke museum committee member.