Program Pathways


Certificate of Achievement

The Alcohol & Drug Counseling certificate program provides the knowledge, skills and training required for counseling in the field of chemical dependency treatment. The program is designed for students that are completing state-defined requirements to become a:

  • Chemical dependency professional (CDP)
  • Alcohol/drug information (ADIS) instructor

The program provides students and members of the Bellevue community information about chemical dependency and addiction treatment.

NOTE: When meeting with the program director for advising, students will review requirements for program completion including prerequisites courses not identified on the download completion worksheet

Prior Learning Assessment

We provide students with experience in the field of addiction counseling to earn credit via a prior learning assessment portfolio process. Experience is evaluated and credit rewarded based on the number of credits for individual classes on a course by course basis. To be eligible to earn prior learning credit, you must do a minimum of ten credits in residence at Bellevue College. If you are interested in documenting course work via the prior learning portfolio process, you will need to register for ALDAC 104.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in Prior Learning Assessment.


Last Updated March 3, 2020