Carolyn Luark

2-Dimensional Design, Design: Color & Drawing Instructor


House shaped object with scissor roof. Paper floating aboutCarolyn earned both a BFA in Drawing at Central Washington University and a MFA in Drawing and Painting at WSU. She has been instructing art courses at Bellevue College for the past 20 years. She primarily instructs courses in Basic Design, Beginning Drawing and Color & Design. assorted objects hanging from a tree like structure. pages with typed words floating aboutShe served as Art Department Chair for six years but is currently devoting all her time to the art classes.

Carolyn was born and has lived most her life in Western Washington. She and her husband maintain a home in Kirkland and a home on the Washington Coast which acts as a studio for Carolyn during the summer months.multi-colored stones make an entrance to an unidentifyable scene. Her current work mixes collage materials, acrylics, and drawing media. A recent sabbatical allowed for time in the studio and travels to museums and galleries in New York.