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Students' comments on The Jazz Age class...

It's a really great class. I never thought I would learn so much about jazz and racism and American society in the twenties.
-- Jeff Traylor

I really love this class. I have found it immensely interesting. It has definitely been a good workload but enjoyable. The history of Jazz has come alive in my mind and I look forward to learning more about it in and out of the classroom.
-- Shelby Johnson

Learning about the role Jazz plays in American society is probably the most essential History/English class you could take.
--Nick Jones

I completely enjoy this class for the variety of media we use, music, documentaries and lectures. I would recommend it to anyone needing an English 101 credit who doesn't want to be just lectured at.
--James Sessa

It is a great way to make a required class, i.e. English 101, more interesting. Through the use of in-class documentaries, American history comes alive. Having a specific focus for essays, homework gives you a sense of writing for a reason, rather than writing for the sake of just writing. As I am a recent immigrant, I have learned a great deal about American history and the roots of American popular culture in it.
--Chris Harry

I have truly enjoyed taking American Studies 286. I was looking for a creative way to fulfill my English 101 requirements and thought learning about jazz would be an enjoyable way to do so. I came into the class without any knowledge in the area of jazz. I now have learned about the key musicians and their contributions to jazz. I have also learned about the impact jazz has had on society, both positive and negative. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about jazz, while completing the English requirements.
--Dionalyn Kelly

The mix of literature and documentaries makes for interesting writing topics.
--Cullen Brian

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