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Summer 2004

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 Foreign Language


ASL 101 American Sign Language I
1477 A Willis M

ASL 102 American Sign Language II
1481 A Mangan R
ASL 103 American Sign Language III
1485 A Mangan R


FRNCH 101 Beginning First-Year French 5 CR
1497 A Longpre F


JAPAN 101 Intensive - Beginning First-Year Japanese
1507 A Shiromaru T

JAPAN 102 Intensive - Intermediate First-Year Japanese
1511 A Shiromaru T

JAPAN 103 Advanced First-Year Japanese
1515 A Shiromaru T


SPAN 101 Beginning First-Year Spanish
1527 A Ramirez C
SPAN 101 Intensive - Beginning First-Year Spanish
1528 B Castillo R

SPAN 102 Intensive - Intermediate First-Year Spanish 5 CR
1531 A Castillo R

SPAN 103 Advanced First-Year Spanish 5 CR
1535 A Chapa O

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