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PHIL& 101 Introduction to Philosophy
1600 A Linnemann T
1601 B Duncan S
1602 C Long D
1603 D Long D
1604 TRA Linnemann T
1605 E Tablan F
1606 OAS George E

PHIL 102 Contemporary Moral Problems
1610 A Long S
1611 TRA Tablan F
1612 OAS Duncan S

PHIL& 106 Intro to Logic
1616 B Storey M
1617 C Padvorac M
1618 D Padvorac M
1619 E Storey M
1620 OAS Morton R

PHIL 112 Introduction to Social Philosophy

1625 A Storey M

PHIL 115 Critical Reasoning
1632 C Duncan S
1633 OAS Morton R

PHIL 160 Philosophy of Science
1640 A Payne R

PHIL 248 Ethics in Criminal Justice (check w / Social Science Office)
1648 A Wilson-Caldero

PHIL 265 Biomedical Ethics
1851 A Benchimol J
1852 B Benchimol J


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