Demonstration Speech Assignment

Speech 100


Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to show us how to do something we may not now know how to do, or might do incorrectly. [Refinishing a bookshelf, making an evening gown, folding origami boxes, tuning an instrument]  It is the final oral part of the Public Speaking unit.


Description:  This speech should be 8 - 10 minutes in length. You will show us step by step how to complete the task you are demonstrating for us. You have seen many such demonstrations on television. You will not have time to do the whole project in the minutes given. So you show us how to begin each step, and then have a pre-completed example of how that step will look when the project is complete. [Just like Martha Stewart or American chopper]  If you are demonstrating how to make something edible, please bring enough of the finished product to share with the class.


Written Portion: When you present to the class you need to submit a paper which includes the following: 1} a list of materials needed to complete the project if I chose to do so. This is the same thing as the list of ingredients at the start of a recipe. 2} a step by step outline of what you are going to show us in class. You may use a bulleted list, or use numbers to explain the order of the work. 3} an estimate of how long the whole task would take me to complete, include drying time etc. if that is part of the process. 4} an estimate of the cost. Will this be more or less expensive than buying the product or paying for a pre-made one? If it costs the same or more to do it myself, why should I bother to do this? [to customize the result, because the quality is better, etc.]


Evaluation:  To insure that you earn an excellent grade be certain that your speech meets the following: