Drop-In Tutoring On Microsoft Teams

Since many Bellevue College classes have moved online, the ASC is now offering access to ASC tutors remotely via Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). If you want to participate, please make sure you have a working microphone on your device and follow the steps below. MS Teams is part of Office 365, so every BC student has access to this product for free.

How To Access Remote ASC Tutoring Using Microsoft Teams

1. First, locate the tutoring schedule for the class you need assistance with from the Drop-In Tutoring list on the ASC website. For this example, we will use the class Biology 160.

Locating tutoring schedules on ASC website.

2. On the subject schedule page, find a tutoring session for Biology 160 you’d like to attend. Click the “Online via MS Teams” link.

Online drop-in shift selection

**NOTE: at the bottom of the tutoring schedule, each tutor is listed along with the classes they can tutor.

3. If you’re not already logged in, log in to MS Teams using your BC email and password.

Sign in to Microsoft Teams

4. Complete the “ASC Tutoring Sign-In” form.

ASC Tutoring Sign-In form for drop-in tutoring

5. When you click “Submit” on the sign-in form, a link to the drop-in tutoring teams channel will pop up –you’ll also be emailed this link.

Drop-in MS Teams tutoring link

6. Click on the link. You will be prompted to open Microsoft Teams. It is best to use the Windows/desktop version of Microsoft Teams.

Join MS Teams on computer desktop

7. Once you’ve opened MS Teams, a tutor will reach out to you to set up a meeting or chat.

Drop-in tutor response to sign-in

8. When a tutor makes a meeting request with you, click “join” to join the meeting. Make sure your microphone is working. If your computer or headphones don’t have a mic, you can use the chat to communicate.

Join tutoring meeting on MS Teams

Tutor Did Not Reach Out?

1. Use the “New Conversation” button at the bottom of the tutoring channel to ask for help in your class.

Start conversation on ASC tutoring channel
  • For example, type “I’d like help with Biology 160.”
Student drop-in note

2. If no one is responding or assisting, please contact asc@bellevuecollege.edu or call 425-564-2200.

More On MS Teams

For more information on how to access Teams, you can review BC’s Teams Guide for Students.

Last Updated August 9, 2022