English 080 & 180

ENGL 080 and 180 have continuous enrollment. This means students can register without instructor permission through November 6, 2020, for fall quarter.

 To register for ENGL180 or ENGL080 go to the registration page on the Bellevue College web site.

Once you have registered for ENGL080 or ENGL180

=> Go to your course (ENGL080 or ENGL 180) on Canvas.

  • Click on the “Home” link on the left and follow instructions.
  • If you have any questions or difficulties, email the Reading Lab Instructors at                readinglab@bellevuecollege.edu

Class Information – English 080 and 180

Course Requirements

  • To earn credit, students will need to spend time in the lab every week
    • 1 credit = 22 units (approximately 2 hours/week)
    • 2 credits = 44 units (approximately 4 hours/week)
  • Students will:
    • record their work in an online document
    • check in on Teams Chat with Reading Lab Instructors and Reading Lab Tutors to track progress
    • receive credit only for work assigned by Reading Lab Instructors for work performed when signed into the Reading Lab.

Course Outcomes

After completing this class, students should be able to apply appropriate, effective reading skills and strategies to academic reading assignments.

Course Objectives and Activities

Each student will do individualized lab work related to their reading goals.

Students will learn, practice, and apply reading skills and strategies that increase:

Comprehension                       Vocabulary
Fluency                                    Reading speed

Lab instructors will work with students to find the best combination of activities, which will primarily include working in assigned computer programs.

With hard work and patience, students’ reading skills will grow and change. Students are encouraged to check in regularly with instructors and tutors in order to ensure steady progress.

Student FAQs about English 080 & 180

Q: I don’t see a class time for English 080 or 180. When do I attend class? 

A: Students in English 080 and English 180 work on assignments for the Reading Lab when it fits their schedules – not at a fixed time like most other classes. Students may work on these classes at whatever time fits their schedule. You will abe able to contact Reading Lab Instructors using Microsoft Teams, as described in the Canvas course. Online chats and discussions will only be available during Reading Lab hours.

Q: How much time do I have to spend working in the Reading Lab, D202?
A: For 1 credit you need to complete 22 units by the end of the quarter.
For 2 credits you need to complete 44 units.
1 lab unit = 50 minutes
2 lab units = 100 minutes

Q: How much homework will I have from this class?
A: No homework. All assignments are completed as outlined in the online course in Canvas.

Q: How will I be graded for English 080?
A: There are no grades for Engl 080. It is a credit/no credit class.

  • If you complete the required number of units and have sufficient documentation of your work, you will receive credit
  • If you do not complete your 22 or 44 units and/or you do not have sufficient documentation, you will no receive credit 

Q: How will I be graded for English 180?

A: Engl 180 is a graded course

  • If you would like additional detail, please contact the Reading Lab for the current quarter syllabus. The syllabus will also be available in Canvas after you have registered for ENGL 180.


=> If you have further questions about the English 080 or English 180, please contact the Reading Lab at readinglab@bellevuecollege.edu

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