Individual Tutoring



If you are earning a C or below AND have the permission of your instructor, Individual Tutoring may be a good option. It’s highly recommended that you use the  Drop-in Tutoring and  e-tutoring as well.

How to sign up for individual tutoring

  1. Confirm your eligibility by talking with your instructor about individual tutoring
  2. Complete an online application
  3. Deliver a completed Tutor-Request slip to our center
  4. We will pair you with a tutor who will contact you to setup your individual tutoring schedule

Sign-up for Individual Tutoring

Common Questions about Individual Tutoring

Do I need to talk to my instructor before submitting my application?

Yes, in order to qualify, instructor approval is required as well as having a “C” grade or below in the class. Once approved, you will receive a maximum of 2 hours of individualized tutoring each week.

If you are ready, please submit your application online.

What happens after I submit my application?

You will receive an email confirmation of your request via your BC email. You need to present a Tutoring Request form to your instructor. Once the complete form is returned to our center, a tutor will be assigned for your individual tutoring.

You will receive another email with your tutor’s contact information.

How will I know when my tutoring starts?

Your tutor will contact you to set up your initial meeting usually through your BC email. During the first meeting, you will work with your tutor to determine the best time for your weekly meetings.

Do I have to do anything else?

Yes, you need to attend ALL of your scheduled meetings! If you miss two of your appointments, your tutoring may be discontinued. Don’t let that happen—tutoring is a valuable resource! Also it is highly recommended you utilize the drop-in and online tutoring .

Last Updated July 28, 2015