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What are students saying about their college journey at Bellevue College?


We interviewed BC Alumni during Alumni Night 2022 to ask about their experience at Bellevue College. Watch the video to learn more about what they have to share.

BC Experiences

Students at Bellevue College come from all backgrounds with diverse life experiences. With determination to be successful, they seek engagement on campus and develop meaningful connections utilizing what BC has to offer.

Student Experiences At BC
Stem At BC
A place for International student
Global Experience

BC Talks

A series of conversations at Bellevue College focused on socioeconomic problems that impact each of our student’s life.

BC Voices session on 9/3/20

BC Voices session on 9/11/20

BC Voices Compilation of 9/3 and 9/11 for Opening Day 2020

BC in the News

Bellevue College S Building at sunset

Student stories centering on overcoming barriers, being connected to new opportunities, and the role that Bellevue College’s played in helping them transition from students to professionals.

BC and Industry Partnerships: “Amazon workers can now attend these 180 colleges for free

Student Career Spotlights: “From Minimum Wages Jobs to Stanford”

Students Winning in Academia: 2020 Alfie Scholars Winners included two (2) from Bellevue College!

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Last Updated November 10, 2022