Integrated Student Supports (ISS)

The Bellevue College Integrated Student Supports (ISS) Workgroup is focused on identifying and developing transformational, student-centered opportunities across campus and removing barriers to close the equity gap. 

ISS Graphic, refer to caption
Figure: BC students will be supported through application, assessment, orientation, advising, early alert, and the intake form. The ISS Collective is a group of BC employees who engage in improving these processes through communication and collaboration.

Addressing equity: The Integrated Student Supports workgroup is focused on closing equity gaps by clearly communicating important new student processes to students, making those new student processes engaging and interactive, and having college resources and services proactively outreach to students rather than putting that burden on the students. This is accomplished through the following initiatives:

  • Connect in 1-2-3 (Apply.Assess.Orient): A new student onboarding campaign developed in partnership with Institutional Advancement and created to intentionally link back to the Connect stage of the Bulldog Trail (“Admissions to prepared on Day 1”). By following the Connect in 1-2-3 process (students apply and are admitted to BC, are assessed into the proper Math and English, and also complete the New Student Orientation) they will be more prepared to begin their studies. Better preparation and onboarding of students also means more effective and meaningful appointments with support staff such as Academic Advisors.
  • Update of the Online New Student Orientation: Using Title III funding the Online New Student Orientation was completely redesigned. The goal of the updated Online NSO was to make it more engaging and interactive for students while also providing critical information and resources to prepare them for their time at BC. The Online NSO includes a video, modules covering student resources, placement testing and transferring credits, career pathway information and exploration, campus policies, how to pay for college, tips for success, and step-by-step registration information. 
  • The Intake Form is provided to students during both the in-person and online New Student Orientation. This form is designed to gather information about the student so that campus departments and resources can then proactively reach out to the student rather than the student having to search for the services.  Staff members will be able to provide equitable services by identifying areas of need to support students’ academic success and professional development.
  • The Academic Advising structure of the college is moving from one that has largely reactive model (depending on students to outreach to advisors) to one that is a proactive, pathway model in which advisors manage a caseload of students. This transition is facilitated by the use of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool, specifically TargetX. TargetX has the ability to sort students by Pathway, assign them to advisors and for advisors to run various reports as a way to proactively connect with students for a variety of reasons (e.g. kudos for students who have seen a GPA improvement, to outreach to students without an education plan on file). Notes, education plans, emails, calls, and attendance at events and appointments are saved within TargetX, thus documenting their journey throughout Bellevue College
  • Early Alert for Academic Support is a student success initiative, proactively integrates and coordinates campus programs, support services, faculty, and staff in support of closing the equity gap. Early Alert was piloted in Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19 before the full program was developed. The program processes and procedures was developed throughout the summer. Once the full program is implemented faculty will have the opportunity to submit an early alert for a student in their class who demonstrates academic distress regarding one (or more) of the following criteria: 
    • never attended class,
    • missing classes/stopped logging in to Canvas, 
    • missing assignments, 
    • low performance on testing

Once an alert is submitted staff reach out to the student via email and/or phone calls to check in and provide support and resources.

  • Integrated Student Supports (ISS) Collective is a professional development event held quarterly to which all faculty and staff are invited. The goal of the ISS Collective is to increase communication, collaboration in an effort  to support building capacity and ensuring all faculty and staff have the information and resources needed to best support students and move the student success agenda forward.  

Goals for the upcoming year:

  • Intake questionnaire -focus on the development of processes for providing student information to campus offices and connecting those offices to students.
  • Early Alert for Academic Support Program- Implementation of the full program starting Fall 2020
  • ISS Collective- continue offering quarterly
  • Case Management- Continue to roll out TargetX and train various users, refine advising processes college wide, and ensue caseloads are clear and accurately created

For more information, contact Melissa E. Martinez, ISS Workgroup Lead.

Last Updated September 24, 2021