Our Approach

Student Success Priority Areas

Based on the results gathered from ATD’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT), three work groups comprised of members from across the college were formed to work on student success priorities:

The three parts of "Guided Pathways" is BC pathways, faculty professional development, and integrated student supports

Guided Pathways is an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success which helps students choose and stay on an educational path. By helping students make more informed choices about what courses to take and providing the targeted support they need, BC Pathways will help close our equity gaps and help students achieve their academic and career goals.

Together, Achieving the Dream and Guided Pathways is our BC student success work.

We identified three strategies that would have the greatest impact on student success, we have developed work groups around these strategies: ‚Äč

Integrated Student Supports (ISS)

Coordinates and systematizes student support efforts campus-wide to help students identify their education and career plan, and stick with their plan until they finish.

BC Pathways

Develops pathways for students based on their career interests, and integrates the full Guided Pathways model to ensure students are on a path, stay on a path, and learning effectively in the classroom for their future careers.

Faculty Professional Development

Ensures our students are taught by skilled instructors who are equipped with effective research-based tools and practices to help close equity gaps and increase student success.

Last Updated January 12, 2021