BC, CWU partner to expand autism program (Bellevue Reporter)

Wendy Holden, Director of Student Disability Services at Central Washington University; Sara Gardner, Program Director of Bellevue College's Autism Spectrum Navigators program; and Steven Martel, Program Chair of Bellevue College's Counseling Center, kick off a day of training in Ellensburg. March 19, 2015 by JOSH STILTS,  Bellevue Reporter Staff Writer  This spring Bellevue College and Central ...more about BC, CWU partner to expand autism program (Bellevue Reporter)

Empowering students using Canvas

Above is a video produced by Instructure, the makers of Canvas, about how this tool is used to empower students on the autism spectrum.

Canvas is an online learning management system that allows the sharing of course content and communications between instructors and students, provides online learning activities and assessments, and keep track of students’ progress.

KBCS 91.3 Interview

Sara Gardner was interviewed by Sonya Green on KBCS 91.3 as Washington Governor Jay Inslee declares April as Autism Acceptance Month. In this segment, Sara defines Autism, talks about the newly created Autism Acceptance Month as declared by Governor Jay Inslee, talks about the need for Autism awareness and acceptance in the community, points out ...more about KBCS 91.3 Interview

Transcript of KBCS Interview

(Sonya) April is Autism Awareness Month, and Today is World Autism Awareness Day. So we want to find out a little bit more about what it means to be Autistic, what Autism Spectrum means, and we have the great fortune of having Program Manager at Autism Spectrum Navigators at Bellevue College, Sara Gardner, joining us. ...more about Transcript of KBCS Interview

Computerworld article about ASN

Sara in a classroom with other students

Computerworld recently wrote an article about the ways in which Bellevue College’s two-year old Autism Spectrum Navigators program utilizes technology to benefit students. View the Computerworld Article.

Q13 Fox Interview

Sara Gardner giving TV interview

Q13 Fox Interviews Sara Gardner: One in 50 Children Has Autism Sara Gardner, Program Manager for the Autism Spectrum Navigators program at Bellevue College, spoke about autism and options for parents.