Prospective Students

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found us! To learn more about the Autism Spectrum Navigators (ASN) program, please look at our “Program Information” page.

Entry is Fall Only. Please check back in January to get started for Fall 2018!

See Notes* below.

If you’re ready to get going, here’s a Next Steps checklist:

*1. Attend an ASN information session. Note: Information sessions are held January – June. (You are excused from this step after June – meet with us for questions!)

*2. Fill out an Intent to Register form to reserve your space in the ASN program.

*3. Fill out a Disability Resource Center (DRC) Initial Access Formnote your interest in ASN program on the form. If you prefer to fill out this form in person, you will find it at the Disability Resource Center – B 132. If you do not have a Student I.D. or Student email leave the I.D. section blank and use your personal email. 

*4. Send documentation of disability to the DRC.

5. A DRC access consultant will contact you to complete an Initial Access appointment. Watch your email and respond as soon as possible!

6. Apply to Bellevue College. Learn about eligibility requirements here. Do this as soon as possible. Before your Initial Access appointment if possible.

7. Take Math and English assessments. You must take the English Assessment for the ASN program. Do this before your Initial Access appointment if possible.

NOTE: You do not need to attend a BARK session or sign up for FYE (HD 100) if you will be in the ASN program.

8. Attend a Bellevue College information session. Note: this step can be completed any time prior to August 25, but must be completed by that date. 

9. Look for an email from ASN with important registration information approximately two days to one week after you’ve had your initial access appointment. Watch your email! Please note that we are not able to email parents or other persons, only students. If you would like us to be able to communicate with your parent(s) or other persons, you will need to sign a Release of Information form (FERPA form) at our office or at an information meeting. Contact us for details. 

10. Register for required ASN classes and other classes by the deadline given in the email. We cannot guarantee a spot for you in the ASN program if you have not registered by the deadline. Be sure to also pay for your classes. The college will drop students from classes for non-payment.

11. Let us know if you have any standing appointments or work obligations that would keep you from being able to meet with a Navigation Assistant at a particular time (by the deadline given in the email).

12. Pay for your classes! Classes may be dropped by the college for nonpayment. Let us know if you change your schedule. Schedule changes will not be able to be accommodated past August 15th. Once we set your peer mentor appointment, we cannot change it.

13.  See you the last week in August for Orientation class – Monday through Thursday, August 28 – 31, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. Parents/guardians are invited to attend from 4-5 p.m. each day.


  1. *Steps 1-4 must be completed by June 1 to be guaranteed admittance into the ASN program. Please contact us with concerns at if you are having difficulty with the deadlines – we’re here to help! (note – as of July 26 we still have space – please contact us!)
  2. We are unable to hold individual information meetings. (if it is past June, we will do our best to meet with you and answer your questions)
  3. Steps 6 & 7 should be completed as soon as you meet the requirements to register: when you are 18 or have graduated from high school – either one! (Or, when you qualify for another program, such as Running Start, or CEO.)
  4. Please pay close attention to deadlines for course registration, and check your Bellevue College email daily for important updates, both from the ASN program and from the College.
  5. All steps must be completed prior to August 25. Orientation class meets prior to the start of the quarter. You must attend Orientation. Please contact us with questions!

Download a detailed checklist here: NEXT STEPS

DRC email:                        ASN email:

DRC phone: 425.564.2498                                          ASN phone: 425.564.2764

DRC fax: 425.564.4138


Last Updated September 18, 2017