Faculty & Staff

Rosanna Militano Picture

Rosanna Militano

ESL Instructor

Claudia Payne Picture

Claudia Payne

Associate Professor and Chair, English as a Second Language

Elaine Nutter Picture

Elaine Nutter

I-BEST Program Navigator

Yelena Zlotnik Picture

Yelena Zlotnik

Program Specialist of Basic & Transitional Studies

Karine Badawi Picture

Karine Badawi

ABE Instructor

Marie Brissette Picture

Marie Brissette

IBEST Instructor

Krista Capodanno Picture

Krista Capodanno

ESL/ABE Instructor

Timothy Chang Picture

Timothy Chang

ABE Instructor

Taylor Dalrymple Picture

Taylor Dalrymple

ABE Instructor

Nancy Emery Picture

Nancy Emery

ABE Instructor

Jennifer Engel Picture

Jennifer Engel

ESL Instructor

Amy Ephrem Picture

Amy Ephrem

ESL Instructor

Gurpreet Erickson Picture

Gurpreet Erickson

ESL Instructor

Tonya Estes Picture

Tonya Estes

ABE/GED Instructor

Amanda Franklin Picture

Amanda Franklin

ESL Instructor

Margi Goertz Picture

Margi Goertz

ABE | ESL Instructor

Tom Graham Picture

Tom Graham

ESL Instructor

Tess HelesHunt Picture

Tess HelesHunt

ESL Orientation Instructor

Jeri Helgeland Picture

Jeri Helgeland

High School Completion (HSC) Instructor

Madelynn Hoard Picture

Madelynn Hoard

ABE/GED/ESL Instructor

Amanda Johnson Picture

Amanda Johnson

Preparing for Work Instructor

Mabel Josuva Picture

Mabel Josuva

ABE Instructor

Aseel Kanakri Picture

Aseel Kanakri

ABE Instructor

Xiaolin Liu Picture

Xiaolin Liu

ESL Instructor

Jill Lustig Picture

Jill Lustig

ESL Instructor

Nancy McEachran Picture

Nancy McEachran

Senior Associate Professor ESL

Heather Miller Picture

Heather Miller

ESL Instructor

Eric Nacke Picture

Eric Nacke

Co-Chair (I-BEST) of Basic & Transitional Studies | I-BEST Instructor

Jean Pauley Picture

Jean Pauley

ESL Instructor

Marcela Pop Picture

Marcela Pop

Academic English / ESL Instructor

Jayashree Pulacode Picture

Jayashree Pulacode

ESL Instructor

Hima Rami Picture

Hima Rami

Preparing for Work program

Kristi Raymond Picture

Kristi Raymond

ABE/HSC Instructor

Amilee Roberge Picture

Amilee Roberge

HSC Instructor

Tobi Rosenberg Picture

Tobi Rosenberg

ESL Instructor

Jan Schnellman Picture

Jan Schnellman

HSC Instructor

Kathy Seregow Picture

Kathy Seregow

ESL Instructor

Sajonna Sletten Picture

Sajonna Sletten

ESL Instructor

Catherine Smith Picture

Catherine Smith

Academic English | ESL Instructor

Heidi Songstad Picture

Heidi Songstad

Co-Chair (ABE/GED) of Basic & Transitional Studies | ABE Instructor

Weina Sun Picture

Weina Sun

ESL Instructor

Mila Tari Picture

Mila Tari

ESL Instructor

Renee Tinsley Picture

Renee Tinsley

ESL Instructor