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Amanda Johnson

Preparing for Work Instructor


Amanda Johnson has been teaching at Bellevue College for more than 15 years. She created and has developed Preparing for Work, and On the Job Communications, teaching ESL students how to find employment in the U.S. and how to communicate effectively in the workplace.  Students quickly feel comfortable in her classes, as she helps them to improve their English skills and learn more about working in the U.S.

Amanda is great at recognizing talent! She recruits student volunteers who have the time and skills to help with the program. She encourages students to connect with others and creates a community atmosphere in classroom.

Outside of Bellevue College, Amanda is a Career Consultant and has produced ESL videos and e-guides for international job seekers. She has helped hundreds of students and clients with interview skills, resume writing, job search techniques and communication skills. Amanda provides clear instruction, helpful information and opportunities to practice and learn.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Amanda earned her degree in Human Resources, worked in HR and management training, and quickly realized that she has a passion for teaching and helping others. She lives in Sammamish, WA and has twin daughters, attending high school. Amanda loves to walk, bake and craft, and work in the garden.