Developing Hybrid / Blended Materials

by Brian Bergen-Aurand With our continuing spate of inclement weather closing campus or otherwise interrupting our teaching schedules, I’ve turned toward putting some of my onground materials online. I’ve begun making a few resources and activities available to students with remote access because I’m trying not to fall behind. Most of us already use a ...more about Developing Hybrid / Blended Materials

Use Canvas during Inclement weather

by Sukirti Ranade. How will your students access your course in case of a campus-wide shut down? Instructors: Establish notification procedures for students (both to and from); reduce or eliminate unnecessary student trips to campus when the instructor cannot make it to campus. Design-in multiple, flexible communication and learning strategies and options that do not ...more about Use Canvas during Inclement weather

The Northwest eLearning Conference

by Ron Austin In October 2019, I attended the NWeLearn Conference in Bend, Oregon with fellow Bellevue College Instructional Designer Bruce Wolcott. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of this particular group before attending the event. This organization has been around for over twelve years (since 2007) and is made up of many educators from ...more about The Northwest eLearning Conference

A Survey of Online Teaching

by Brian Bergen-Aurand Faculty nationwide who have worked with instructional designers say they have enjoyed the experience and report that their courses have benefited from the collaboration, according to a survey recently published in Inside Higher Ed. 93% of faculty describe the experience as positive or very positive, and nearly 70% agree or strongly agree ...more about A Survey of Online Teaching

Educators Love a Good Metaphor

by Ron Austin I remember a guest educator speaking about “scaffolding” at a Bellevue College professional development day ten years ago. The term “scaffolding” is an educational metaphor I studied while earning my Master of Education degree. I listened with interest as the educator and another visitor discussed something I had recently learned about myself. ...more about Educators Love a Good Metaphor

What to Read When You’re (Not) Teaching: September Edition

by Brian Bergen-Aurand Earlier this month, I stumbled across a handful of new books focused on digital learning at Tech.edu: A Hopkins Series on Education and Technology. The series began in 2014 and currently features nine books covering topics as varied as gamification, teaching with new media, screen learning, developing knowledge and authority in online ...more about What to Read When You’re (Not) Teaching: September Edition