Managing your Camtasia Relay video recordings

Recording your presentation

General steps for making your first recording with the Camtasia Relay Recorder

View status of recordings

Once you’ve logged in to Camtasia Relay, you should find a listing of and status of your recordings.  Review the Camtasia Help files & frequently asked questions, or download the Camtasia Relay client.

Archiving recordings

  • Recordings are automatically published when you have a Camtasia Profile.
  • Recordings are not permanently saved to local drive once the recording gets published.

Accessing your recordings

Once your Camtasia Relay recording is published, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to that recording.  Once you’ve received the link the recording, you may share this link by posting it on your class website or sending your students the link via email.

Currently presentations point to

After March 22, 2013 — The new presentations will point to, as the URL,

NOTE: Your existing presentations will continue to be available at their original URL for the near future.
However, you will want to begin to update the links in any documentation you have so that it references
the new URL instead, as the old URL will eventually be going away.

Since the Relay server moved to a new home in April 2013, only new recordings can be viewed at

For example, this means you would want to update an URL on class documents or a class website that references\flash\yourusername\yourpresentation”
to be “\ flash\yourusername\yourpresentation”

To see a list of the old files (no new ones), you can go to (replacing username with your logon username):




You would add your login or netid or firstname.lastname:



After you click on the above link, your files will all be listed as shown below:

Removing recordings from the server

If you would like to remove a recording from the server, please enter a Request Center ticket identify the specific presentation you want removed.

Last Updated December 12, 2017