Debi Griggs Picture

Debi Griggs

Instructional Designer


I have taught classes at Bellevue College for  over 20 years. I retired in April 2016, but I can’t seem to stay away. I have been active in online classes at Bellevue College since they were rolled out after the initial pilot. I’ve learned a great deal about teaching online and much of that was learned the hard way.

Most of the classes I teach are in software related subjects. I’ve also taught workshops for faculty in a variety of areas related to software and to teaching online. I’ve taken classes at the Sloan Consortium (now Online Learning Consortium), WAOL, and Bellevue College in Accessibility and online course design and graduate level courses in eLearning at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. I’ve completed the required curriculum to provide peer reviews of courses through Quality Matters. I’ve designed and built classes in iBIT and for use at the Skills Commons.

I work on my classes almost daily to improve accessibility. It has been a long road but it has not been without its rewards.  Currently I am focusing on helping faculty with closed captioning for instructional videos. This work has allowed me to share ideas with colleagues in the eLearning Center. I learn something new every day.

On the days when I am actually retired, you’ll find me somewhere in the mountains skiing, hiking, or biking.