8 Simple Steps to Add Vital Source to Canvas

(For questions on VitalSource or the steps listed below please contact Kristen Connely, Director of Bookstore)

Our Bookstore will assist with all faculty on how to use Vital Source.

Inclusive Access Tool

This tool is part of your Bookstores Inclusive Access program.
In a nutshell the IA program allows students to have immediate access to their eBook by clicking the link (the tool) in their course. Content offered through IA programs have pricing that have be negotiated well below their normal value. Students who decide to participate in this program (they are offered the can to opt out) will have the price of their content added to their schools account.

White Label Store Tool

  • We have created a branded instance of the VitalSource store for your Bookstore (
  • The purpose of this tool serves for faculty members to add a link (through this tool) to the exact title they are using in their course.
  • There are a few benefits of doing this through an external tool instead of an external url
    • Once a student a has made the purchase the link (tool) will take them directly into the book
    • Faculty members will receive a complimentary copy of the book by clicking the link (tool)
    • This is in the works, but we are working on making a “free trial” period available so that students would still be able to access their content on the first day of class (even if they don’t have the funds to pay for it yet)

Instructor Dashboard

  • This tool will allow instructors to see engagement data for their students when it comes to how they are (or aren’t using their eBook)
  • Instructors are able to see how much of a book a student is reading, how long they are reading (down to a particular section), and over all how they are using the book (are the taking notes, making highlights, etc.)
  • The goal of this tool is allow instructors to have as much data as possible so they can hopefully identify any students who may be at risk early enough so that they can correct things.

How to add VitalSource eBook into Canvas Module

  1. From your Canvas course, click the Modules button in the course navigation menu.
  2. In the Modules section, click the + button to the right of an existing module (creating a new one if necessary).
  3. In the “Add” dropdown box, select “External Tool” and click on VitalSource Bookshelf
  4. Change the URL to: . This will be the url given to you by the Booskstore. *It is recommended that you copy and paste the new URL to avoid typos.
  5. Change page name to the title of book.
  6. Check “Load in a new tab”
  7. Click “Add Item”
  8. Publish the Module.

Last Updated September 12, 2019