Note: Request an account on ZOOM via a ITS Service Desk ticket.

Zoom…So what is Zoom?

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Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool.

Meeting collaboration technologies to consider:

  • Will videoconferencing be needed?
  • Does the coordinator want a copy of the video conference?
  • Is this a phone conference?
  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Will a large screen monitor be necessary?
  • Will a projector be necessary?
  • Is screen sharing necessary?
  • Will audience participation be necessary?

Zoom Checklist for Event or Meeting [Process 2 days]

Step 1: Set up a Zoom account

Step 2: Schedule a training session

Step 3:  Schedule an Event or Meeting

Step 1: How to get a Zoom Account?

Request a Zoom account with ITS

Once the account is created look in your Bellevue College email for an automated email from the Zoom team. The email will provide a URL confirmation link for account activation. Allow 1day

Step 2: How to schedule a Zoom event/meeting training?

Request a Zoom training through Request Center > LMC Equipment Request > Equipment Request > Zoom Meeting [Checkbox]

  • Next, an appointment will be scheduled via where you’ll be trained on how to download the software, use the added Meeting OWL tool, and live demonstration will be held in eLearning D140. Allow 1 day


Start using Zoom today.

  • Login for Bellevue College ZOOM
  • Use your Bellevue College email and create a NEW Zoom
  • The Zoom App will automatically download once you
  • Use the Zoom icon to launch the 

Step 3: How to schedule an event/meeting?

From the Bellevue College Main web page, scroll down to Faculty & Staff > Room Scheduling > 25Live Rooms > Scheduling System.

Schedule accordingly. Allow 30mins

Event and Meeting questions

  • Who is attending the meeting/event?
  • What equipment is in the desired room? What equipment will be needed in the desired room? What day is the meeting/event? What time is the meeting/event? What room is the meeting/event?
  • Where will the meeting/event be held?
  • When is the meeting?
  • How long is the meeting?


Step 4: How can I learn more about Zoom?

Step 5: What are the Zoom equipment requirements?

Here are the Zoom System Requirements

Step 6: Is any other equipment needed?

Multimedia Services has found the additional use of the Meeting OWL, helpful with multiple participants. It can be reserved for Meetings through Request Center or purchased by your division. Suggested Meeting rooms for use with the Meeting Owl: D260A, S201 & S301, T205.

Step 7: What is the Meeting OWL?

The Meeting OWL video conferencing camera dynamically captures 360 video and superior audio for a near face-to-face experience engineered for plug & play simplicity. [USB port and power outlet are required.]

The Meeting OWL works best in a meeting room setting versus a classroom setting. The Meeting Owl can be found at Owl Labs.

The Meeting Owl Photo

Meeting OWL Checklist:

Zoom Checklist for Event or Meeting

  1. Zoom Account – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________
  2. Training – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________
  3. Zoom Account – Note: Allow 1 day, Date: ___________ Completed: ___________

How to get a Zoom Account

  1. TSS Request Ticket

How to schedule a Zoom Training

  1. Request Center Ticket

How to schedule a 25 Live Meeting

  1. Schedule Online

Zoom App


eLearning will offer a training session on using Zoom. Use the Request Center to create a ticket and contact Multimedia Specialist Larry Boykin for more information.


Watch recorded training sessions

Review Zoom Video tutorials

Register for Live Zoom Training

Last Updated November 25, 2019