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Welcome to Bellevue College’s School of Business and Technology where you will find all that you need for college, career, and personal success. Our goal is to provide students with meaningful preparation to meet the challenges of a global environment in the areas of Business, Information Technology, Data, and Digital Media.

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The study of business has many facets due to the speed with which it changes and evolves in order to fulfill the demands of our fast-paced global environment. Whatever business or professional path you choose, knowing the management of people and resources is a skill set that may be utilized to help improve your job outlook.

A student works on a coding project on three computers.


& Data

Every organization, regardless of its sector or consumer base, will be driven by data and technology in the future. In addition, new enterprises will be able to create and provide new goods and services as a result of technological and data-driven innovation.

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Digital Media Arts

The significance of technology in distributing material to the general public is enormous. In addition to allowing artists to display their work to millions of people through a variety of channels, technology is also providing artists with new tools for creating more immersive creative experiences.

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Interconnected Campus

Our course offerings are diverse, and we make many interesting connections with other academic subjects to broaden the horizons of your learning. Many of our students are also interested in subjects like Computer Science, or transferring to four-year colleges and universities.

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