Digital Marketing Capstone Projects, 2020-2021

Stephanie McCarty

Annie Ritter-Jones Photography

Annie Ritter-Jones is a local wedding and engagement photographer based in the Greater Seattle area. This capstone project set her business up with their first-ever integrated marketing campaign focused on digital platforms and channels to target an untapped audience for Annie Ritter-Jones Photography.   

Jordan Reamey

Soleil Orthodontics

In collaboration with Soleil Orthodontics, I developed an integrated marketing plan that would help boost their social media presence as well setting themselves apart from their competition.

Evodie Useni Sheda

Mercer Island Center for the Arts

Mercer Island Center for the Arts (MICA) is a non-profit art organization located in Mercer Island, Washington. Unfortunately, due to the severe impact of COVID-19 on nonprofits arts organizations, there have been limited to no communications with the communities they serve, which led to a prolonged disengagement between MICA and the Mercer Island Community. In response to the situation, my innovative marketing plan’s objectives were to:

• Reaffirm MICA’s mission, purpose, and value and reintroduce the rationale for and benefits of having an Arts Center on the Island through Email and Social Media marketing
• Increase the perception that MICA is a trusted resource to help create an arts center on Mercer Island through content creations
• Increase their online visibility and generate support for its plan and direction through Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Kyle Thomas Anderson De Avila

Developing an Annual Marketing Plan for Tecplot, Inc

Tecplot, Inc based in Bellevue, Washington, is a small software company specializing in visualization and analysis software products that are specific to computational fluid dynamics and engineering. For several years leading up to 2019, the company did not have an annual, proactive marketing plan with clearly defined goals, strategies, and initiatives. Kyle Anderson-De Avila was hired to the Tecplot marketing team in 2018 and was later tasked to research, define, create, and execute upon an annual marketing plan going into Fiscal Year 2019 starting on January 01, 2019.

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