Information Systems & Technology Capstone Projects, 2020-2021

Application Development

Chonco’s Churros

By: Aaron Greene, Elizabeth Sayler, Chunyao Li, and Sukhmani Thukral

We are creating a game that will be hidden on the Mercado Luna for customers to find and get a discount on churros upon completing the game. It will take the player across Mexico and through Mexican culture to find different ingredients and discover what goes into the food we take for granted.

Team Matterport

By: Adel Aziza, Thais da Silva, Philippine Tembo, Emily Yu, and Dylan Harkness

Our goal was to develop Matterport SDK prototypes and explore its possibilities. Our team is mostly beginners of 3D models and the platform Matterport, so to learn about what the platform was capable of, we expanded our understanding by focusing on how (1) Matterport was already used by other companies and (2) how 3D objects work with other technologies. However, there are many ways on how we could explore how 3D objects work, so we mainly scoped our project to explore how 3D models can be presented and manipulated in the browser and in Augmented Reality (AR).

VR Anatomy Viewer

By: David Wikstrom, Jade Kelly, Andrew Wilson, and Chanthou Lam

Ocusonix’ VR Anatomy Viewer is a virtual reality application in which users may interact with and learn about human anatomy. It is intended to benefit students, teachers, and interested individuals alike. With this first installment of the application, the team’s focus is on the heart, as that is our client’s expertise.

Cyber Security & Systems Administration

Web Penetration Testing with Metasploit

By: Jason Engstrom, Mark Gano, Nima Mehrabani, Evan Nguyen, and America Salas-anaya

Our project consists of the automated deployment of a web server environment. This project was a study on how will be to create an automated pen testing environment of the webserver with the use of Metasploit. We used the vagrant that allow us to build and manage our environment with one configuration file (Vagrantfile). We designed to accomplish these goals by building a Metasploit automation around Metasploit’s web app pen testing. for automation, we were needed to installed Ansible and create the Ansible-playbook on virtual machine for automation.  

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