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The School of Business and Technology offers degrees and certificates in eight academic and professional technical programs. The links below provide additional information about degree/certificate course requirements, career opportunities, and frequently asked questions.


This program offers excellent academic options for students to enter the growing field of accounting through degree and certificate programs. Credits earned for certificates apply to the degree program.

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Business Management & Technology

This program is designed to help students change careers, enhance existing skills, or obtain a strong, broad-based knowledge of manufacturing, retail, and service industries. This program also promotes success in both profit and non-profit organizations for a competitive edge in today’s business climate.

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Business Analysis & Technology

This program prepares students for job titles such as program coordinator and data coordinator, positions that support and lead to careers in business intelligence and data analytics. Students from all disciplines benefit from taking a course in this program as all disciplines manage projects and use data to identify problems and advocate for solutions.

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This program will teach students how to monitor and maintain system security solutions, including legal, regulatory and internal compliance solutions, and how to translate security policy into technical architectures with curriculum updated every year to meet industry and business demands. In addition, this program prepares students for system administration tasks which include inter-operation, automation, virtualization and storage.

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Data Management & Analysis

This program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge needed for employment in this rapidly emerging field with concentrations in data analytics and business intelligence where math, statistics, descriptive techniques, and predictive models are used to better understand the data used to guide business action and decision making.

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Digital Marketing

This program provides graduates with leading-edge skills in search engine marketing/optimization, display advertising, social media, online video, mobile marketing and digital analytics.

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Digital Media Arts

This program is designed for students interested in studying the creation, use, and management of high-quality digital media content.

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Software Development

This program prepares students to meet the explicit need employers have identified for application developers and software engineers and provides graduates with broad technical skills and project-based learning as well as specialized knowledge in application development, artificial intelligence, or game development with curriculum updated every year to meet industry and business demands.

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Information Technology

This program prepares students for admission into the BAS Cybersecurity program. Upon completion of the AAS-T students will be able to directly apply all 90 credits towards the 180 credit BAS program. It typically takes an additional two years for students to complete the remaining bachelor’s coursework at a full-time status.

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Last Updated September 21, 2023