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Majoring in Business

Whether it be banking, finance, marketing, accounting, or management, the Business Transfer program at Bellevue College provides an excellent starting point for students interested in a bachelor's degree and career in business. After completing our program, you can go on to many options in the business major and field to match your values, interests, and abilities. For example, if you are competitive, persuasive, and ambitious, you may consider a career in marketing or sales. If you enjoy organizing, analyzing, and processing data, a career in accounting or financial analysis may suit you best.

Students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree should become knowledgeable about the requirements of both the universities as well as the business major departments. Many business programs are highly competitive so we recommend that you apply to more than one business school. We hope that the information below, created with help from Seattle Central Community College, will help you make your career decision and prepare for university transfer.

Universities with Business Administration degrees in Washington State

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Business Administration Majors or Concentrations offered in WA State

The list below is subject to change, as a result, we encourage you to visit the websites of the universities you are considering to see if additional majors/concentrations have been added or to see if any have been removed.