Company Stories: Success Begins at Bellevue College

BOEING desk at the 2018 Bellevue College Job and Networking Fair

Discover the Impact of Our Job and Networking Fair

Welcome to the hub of success stories, a testament to the power of connection, and a glimpse into the potential that awaits your company at Bellevue College’s Job and Networking Fair.

As an employer, you’re not just looking for candidates – you’re seeing future innovators, leaders, and team players who can drive your business forward; and at Bellevue College, we understand this. Our Job and Networking Fair is more than an event; it’s a bridge connecting you to a diverse pool of talent that is ready to make a difference.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it directly from employers who have walked this path before:

Quotes from Employers

“I’m proud to say we now have 12 Bellevue College Alumni employees”

– Anonymous Employer

“We have been coming for years, we are local and employ many BC students”

– Anonymous Employer

“We have hired many students from here before”

– Anonymous Employer

These are just a few of the many success stories that have unfolded at our Job and Networking Fair. Whether you’re in business, healthcare, tech, or any other industry, there’s a place for you here.

Join us at the next annual Bellevue College Job and Networking Fair on May 8th, 2024.

Connect with skilled students and alumni, meet your future team members, and discover the potential that Bellevue College can bring to your company.

Last Updated June 14, 2023