Find Qualified Interns

Interns can be a dynamic and profitable addition to your organization. They are highly motivated and quick learners. In turn, students benefit from the experiential learning opportunities provided by internships and mentoring.

Sponsoring an intern can help you:

  • Cope with work surges
  • Evaluate a potential employee
  • Gain assistance with special projects
  • Contribute to your profession and give back to your community
  • Bring fresh ideas and the latest trends in technology into your organization
  • Increase your visibility on the Bellevue College campus

The Academic Internship Program is designed to be flexible and responsive to the business community. Internships can be in many different fields, paid or unpaid, begin at anytime during a quarter or the year, vary in length of time (50 hours minimum), and provide students with 1-5 academic credits.

Questions? Email us at, or call (425) 564-2279.

Last Updated February 2, 2023