Join a Career Preparation Cohort!

The Center for Career Connections has three cohort programs to support Bellevue College students through their college experience! You may choose to be part of one or more of these cohorts. 

A two-year cohort program for any BC student pursuing a career in STEM. The cohort focus is on learning more about STEM careers and helps students identify and apply for experiential learning opportunities like internships and research experiences. Learn more and apply.

A two-year cohort for disabled BC students pursuing a career in STEM. The cohort focus is similar to STEM to Stern with the addition of disabled identity exploration, providing a community, disabled industry mentors, and more. Students meet with peer mentors in small groups.  Learn more and apply.

A two- or three-year cohort for neurodivergent BC students pursuing any career or program of study. The cohort focus is identity exploration, finding strengths in Executive Functioning, Self-Advocacy, Self-Regulation and Social Interaction, with a career preparation focus. Students meet with peer mentors one-on-one in their first year, and in groups in their second year and beyond. Learn more and apply. 


Q) Can I be in more than one cohort?

A) Yes! If you are a neurodivergent student who would like support in managing your classes, communicating with faculty and others, and learning about yourself from a strengths-based perspective, AND you are pursuing a career in STEM, you may wish to join both the Neurodiversity Navigators cohort along with the STEM to Stern cohort. 

Q) Why would I choose Disabled Students Navigating STEM instead of STEM to Stern? Do I have to join the disabled cohort if I’m disabled? 

A) You can join whichever cohort you’d like to! In fact, the two cohorts will be working closely together – they are “sibling” cohorts and will have very similar curriculum and will often share panels and presentations, and sometimes even classes. The difference is that the disabled cohort adds a small group meeting with a peer mentor, for the purpose of community, brainstorming, problem-solving, and more. You’ll have access to disabled industry mentors as well. In addition, some of the curriculum will include navigating the workplace while disabled.

Q) How can I get more information? 

A) Each cohort program has different ways to get more information, however, they all have ways to get it! 

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Last Updated October 25, 2021