Voice-Overs: NOW is YOUR Time with Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster’s voice-over career has been around for a while. Her broadcasting and voice-over experience began in little ol’ Sacramento, CA back in 1991. She was the weekend traffic reporter on Rush Limbaugh’s flagship station, KFBK. Lisa moved her radio career to Seattle in 1992 where, in addition to her on-air work, she has been the voice for many well-known companies, including video games, corporate training, and TV and radio ads.

In addition to her voice-over career, Lisa began training and coaching emerging voice-over talent in 2007, and is one of the best voice-over coaches around. Her Creative Director skills really shine in the production booth, and she has produced and directed hundreds of audio projects in major cities across the U.S. She has also written and performed stand-up comedy and has hosted many charity events and auctions in the Seattle area. Lisa Foster can also be heard on the popular podcast “Peculiar Podcast with Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster” that debuted in January 2012.


Breaking into the voice-over industry is much more achievable today than it was in years past, thanks in large part to the accessibility of having a home studio and the industry being so virtual now. You don’t need to be in a major market to be a successful voice-over talent. To set up a studio in your home, it’s about $350 for the recording equipment once you have a computer, add in a marketable voice, and strong reading comprehension skills, and you have a great foundation to get started. However, even with all of these tools, to really succeed in voice-over, you need to have proper coaching. There’s a lot more to voice-overs than just having a nice sound and reading a script. You have to know how to interpret the scripts and bring them to life; this is where acting comes in. Lisa says, “You have to be able to lead your listeners emotionally where you want them to go, conveying the message in a way that powerfully impacts the audience.” The Such A Voice course, “Voice-Overs: Now is Your Time!” will give interested persons the introduction of techniques and tools to do this.

Ideal Background

While a person with any background may have an interest in voice-overs, there are professions that provide a natural training ground for this career path. Lisa says, “Having a background in acting, public speaking, teaching, and even sales, can help tremendously.” Additionally, a business background is useful in managing the logistics of a home-based business. Then, some technical savvy is needed to operate the voice-over equipment. This, like any business, needs to be built. In the beginning it’s expected you’ll spend more time marketing and auditioning than recording jobs, however, once you become established and land regular clients, it will even out. Self-promotion and auditioning can result in a career with unlimited income potential.

Getting Around The Competition

The voice over industry has gone through a major revolution since the advent of the internet. It is easier now than ever before to connect with clients all over the world, and geography no longer plays a part in the pursuit of voice-over jobs. Lisa says, “This is one of the few jobs I know of, that does not require you to be physically present– your product (your voice) travels quite nimbly over the internet making it possible to do work in cities that would be cost prohibitive to travel to.” The opportunities are endless in the voice-over industry, and the demand for good voice talents to do these jobs gets bigger every year. This is a very “immediate” industry too; Lisa believes if you know HOW to do the work, you will GET the work.

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Last Updated December 28, 2016