Student Success: Kourosh R. Ventures Into New Healthcare Data Analyst Career

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Healthcare and technology have been integrating more and more every year. There is a growing need for technology professionals with healthcare acumen to organize and analyze large sets of data for healthcare providers. The Healthcare Data Analyst Certificate focuses on the tools and strategies that support clinical, financial, operational and quality analytics applications in healthcare settings.

Kourosh completed the Healthcare Data Analyst Certificate at Bellevue College CE and shares his thoughts on the program and real life application in his new job:

Why did you choose to enroll in the Bellevue College Healthcare Data Analyst Certificate Program?

I needed to change my career path to the field of healthcare. The HDAC program at Bellevue College gave me the chance to do so. I always wanted to be in this field but could not find a program that is comprehensive, affordable and accessible (offered totally online) until I found the HDAC at Bellevue College.

What are the most valuable takeaways from your experience in the HDA program? How have these helped you in achieving your career goals?

I had no background in the field of healthcare and no knowledge of the processes in this field. This program gave me the necessary exposure and technical language that I needed in order to follow, communicate, and understand when I was engaging with professionals in the field. That was the best take away for me.

How would you rate the instructors? Were there any notable activities/classroom experiences?

I enjoyed working with all the instructors. They were very approachable and willing to help if there was a need for any subject matter clarification. In particular, the collaborative nature of classes that encouraged working with peers. Such platform gave me a chance not only to work on the projects with my classmates, but also to learn extensively from some of them who were already in healthcare fields.

Was the workload manageable for someone who is working full-time? Any suggestions for improving the classroom experience?

In general the workload was manageable, however some of the courses were more demanding than others. I believe it depends on an individual and his/her prior experience in the field. A person new to the field such as me required a lot more work.  The best suggestion I could give is to start early working on your homework and readings. Sometimes, the amount of reading is very high and leaving it for the end of the week could become overwhelming.

Were there any classes/projects that enhanced your experience?

I found most classes relevant, informative and educational. To name a couple of subjects: Functional requirements and the general knowledge about the implementation of ACOs were instrumental in my day-to-day job. Statistical analysis was a good and relevant experience. The class on data visualization utilizing Tableau was a valuable knowledge as well as exposure to Qlikview (a data visualization tool like Tableau). They helped me to discover a new world of data visualization that assisted me in the job interview I went through.  They were so valuable that I could say it was influential in my success in securing the position that I applied for.

What did you learn that can be applied immediately in your current role at work? In the future?

All the healthcare jargons come to immediate use when you enter any field of healthcare. One of the most valuable elements was the knowledge of accountable care organizations (ACO) that I learned in this program.

What was your most memorable experience during the program?

In addition to having access to the experts in the field of HDA, the level of care I received in regards to my preparation for a job interview was a lasting experience that gave me the courage and preparation to pursue my career goal.

What advice would you offer someone who is considering the HDA Certificate?

To learn pro-actively. Do not do the minimum of what is required, go for more than that. Understand the purpose of all the standard and regulatory bodies such as CMS, meaningful use, and in particular HIPAA.

Interested in pursuing a career in healthcare data analysis? Check out the HDAC program to learn more and sign up for an information session.

Last Updated December 28, 2016