A Tale of Surprises in Summer Teen Writing Classes

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As I walked up into the large gray building I would be taking my summer class in, I considered the possibilities of what I might find. I had signed up for a BC Teen Writing class, but I had no real idea of what to expect. I was interested in writing fiction stories and had created a few free floating scenes, but overall I was very new to such projects. I hoped to improve on some basics and start creating stories more often, and I was very interested to see how the class would turn out.

As I stepped into the classroom I chuckled slightly at the lack of male students and then sat down to chat with the others. It turned out to be a fantastic day. After some generic, but entertaining, icebreakers and introductions we talked about our plans for what we would write during the class. Everyone had an interesting and somewhat unique idea, and over the week as we shared our progress they became engaging stories.

There were tales of alien planets controlled by a computer, a young boy cursed with uncontrollable fire magic, and demons being hunted by angels. All of these, along with the other stories being created, expanded in amazing ways with the help of the class. The workshop was called “Plotting and Scheming,” and we built storylines off of tried and true formulas; our characters following the hero’s journey to their goals. It was a success.

The next summer I went to another one of the Teen Writing classes and, as well as being less female dominated, it was again an amazing experience enjoying the creation of a story and the development of my abilities. Katherine Grace Bond is the instructor of those writing classes, and she does a very good job of hosting an exciting and fun workshop. At the most recent class I attended, “Scenes and Dreams,” we rewrote a bleak outline of an unclear story into a fantastic adventure of clever characters, learning how our stories can implement our ideas.

Everyone improves whatever crazy story they work on and those who build up the courage to share find great recommendations, improvements, and enthusiastic encouragement. All the stories turn out extraordinary and I look forward to what my next set of classmates will create. Teen Writing classes are a great way to improve your writing, develop specific skills, and are a fun way to do it.

Stuart Irwin

Issaquah High Sophomore

Student of the Summer Teen Program

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Last Updated December 29, 2016