New Skills Lead to a New Career with Continuing Education Classes

CE students in the classroom

Different jobs require different skills throughout a person’s career. With continuing education classes, you can learn exactly what you need to start a new job, enhance your skill set, or pursue a completely new career path. Lara Baca has been taking continuing education classes for most of her adult life, which has allowed her to develop a unique set of skills that are tailored to her professional goals.

Traditional credit classes follow a structured schedule that require students to manage their time accordingly. Non-credit continuing education classes provide increased flexibility that make going back to school a much easier process for busy adults. “I love continuing education because you can go whenever you want to enhance your life,” says Lara. Many classes at Bellevue College CE are offered throughout the year and have start dates at various times over the quarter so that students can pick and choose what fits best with their schedules.

“I have always picked up the catalog when I wanted to learn something new like technology, computers, small business, or getting on board with things like social media.” The freedom to take whatever classes you want based on your current needs and interests is the biggest benefit of the continuing education model. Lara completed various classes offered in our Business & Professional Programs – from branding to real estate – in order to find her next career move. She then realized that real estate was what she wanted to pursue, and has been doing it ever since. “The classes at BCCE were instrumental in helping me realize I could do it. It’s because of all of those classes that I found my passion.”

Lara’s experience with continuing education has made her a loyal advocate of non-traditional education and recommends BCCE classes to anyone who is looking to gain skills. “Everything I have done is through continuing education and community college. I have all of these skills and it’s affordable. Once you’re woven into the fabric of what’s going on, all of these other opportunities open up.” She turns to the quarterly catalog anytime she feels the need to learn something new. “People who have gotten degrees in just one field, in ten years they hate it or don’t know how to adapt. I’ve been reinventing myself my whole life thanks to these types of classes.”

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Last Updated October 10, 2016