Self-Hypnosis: A tool for life success!

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Have you ever wondered about hypnosis? Wanted to know what it really is? Wanted to know how it feels to experience it firsthand? Here’s your opportunity. This course is hypnosis hands-on and experiential.

Not only do you learn about hypnosis, you learn how to do it. In two evenings you’ll learn the following – what is hypnosis, how does the mind work, how do we create change in ourselves, goal-setting, language of unconscious influence, and an instant trigger for trance is installed. You learn to DO self-hypnosis on an on-going basis.

It’s like the old saying:  “Give a man a fish and he has dinner, teach him how to fish, and he can feed himself for a lifetime.” Self-hypnosis will feed your well-being for a lifetime.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful and positive state of focused attention; a creative mind space that we all can slip into naturally. It’s our creative mind, our intuitive mind, our problem-solving mind. This state of mind is accompanied by a profound sense of control and physical well-being. We use this state to stimulate our mind to create change that’s desired and useful.

How is hypnosis different from meditation?

Every time I teach this course someone asks me, “Well, how is self-hypnosis different from meditation?” The answer: meditation IS a kind of self hypnosis. However, self hypnosis uses this state of mind to target strategic change: GOALS. With self hypnosis, you’re telling the mind to DO something, to create a specific outcome for your life. Whether it be healthier habits or a new body shape, accelerated healing or becoming multi-lingual quickly, etc. etc. etc. Here the etceteras are endless. Yay, for the unconscious mind, and it’s very agreeable nature! I’ve coined a phrase: Hypnosis is “meditation on steroids.”

I know this to be true. Everybody has the ability inside their unconscious mind to create a new world. The one they want! The one that’s joy-filled, successful, happy, free, fun, and all the things people want for themselves. We activate change through this part of our mind and self-hypnosis.

Does it work?

I’ve lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 10 years. I use self-hypnosis to keep my habits healthy, my thoughts successful, and my body metabolizing at peak efficiency. My private clients have success with this as well. In this course, I share my insights to weight loss through self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is for everyone and it’s my pleasure to introduce people to what I love, what I know to be massive power for positive change.

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Prepare to delve into a world of power—your own.

If your New Year’s resolutions around food and healthy choices are weakening, this course is your pump up of power! Hypnosis unlocks positive change and unleashes potential, changes habits, changes minds, changes bodies, changes your experience of life itself!  Hypnosis creates a world more in line with your goals and desires. Why not use ALL of your brain for a change?

This self hypnosis training course is a great way to learn amazing empowerment techniques and ideas, at an affordable cost, and in a tiny chunk of time. Bring a friend. Bring a pillow. Bring some goals. This skill, self-hypnosis, can change your life.

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Connie Brannan, CHt.

Instructor, Personal Enrichment

Connie Brannan, a Seattle native, is a CHt., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, who blends hypnosis, NLP, timeline work, parts therapy, reiki & other healing tools to help clients achieve life changes. In addition to teaching NLP, Connie also operates her own business, Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP and is a published author and creator of several self-help audio hypnosis products.


Last Updated January 21, 2017