Friends, Learning, and Fun in Summer Teen Program

Teen Writing Class

I’m going to be completely honest. The BC Summer Teen Classes are quite literally the highlight of my summer. Every year. Without fail. That probably sounds a little strange, but hear me out.  I’ve been taking Katherine Bond’s Teen Novelist classes at BC for three years now and at first I really didn’t know what to expect. School? In the summer? Maybe not for me. But after just one afternoon with Katherine my outlook changed completely.

It was just me, a few other teens, and Katherine in a classroom for a few hours a day, writing, reading, and learning with each other. And it was an absolute blast. Katherine brings life and excitement to what she teaches and interacts with me and the other students in a truly honest, personable way. Each summer I’m thrilled to see what new classes she offers. In the Teen Novelist classes I learned the nitty gritty of plotting, character building, and scene construction and I can truly say that my writing is so much stronger for it. Furthermore, I met other teens who are just as passionate about writing as I am and made some lasting friendships. When you take a class with Katherine Bond it isn’t long before everyone there starts to feel a little like family.

I also know now that the number one thing you can expect from Katherine is the unexpected. I’ve taken some of her classes multiple times over the summers and found that each time my experience is unique. Every year she has new concepts to share with us, new games to play or exercises to try. I know in Katherine’s classes I’ll never be bored, and I always come away with a new skill or strategy to use in my own writing that I didn’t have before. In general, the Teen Classes at BC offer a really great opportunity to interact with other teens who share your interests, meet new people, learn from great instructors, and all of this without the scary prospect of a grade or final exam looming over your head.

Maybe you’re not interested in writing, maybe you’ve always wanted to try photography, or computer coding, or whatever. Regardless of what you’re interested in, I think that these summer classes can give you a great taste test, a sense of what to expect if you were to dedicate more time to the subject. And it’s all very low key, no homework, a laidback atmosphere, like school, except without all the parts you hate. So now, I can say that I do know what to expect from these classes. I can expect some familiar faces, some new ones, but most of all I can expect a great learning atmosphere and experience. Every time.

Samantha Mueller

Student of the Summer Teen Program

Last Updated May 1, 2017