Business Intelligence Consultant Builds Exciting Career

Reid Havens

Passion and perseverance are key components of achieving success. You must enjoy the daily grind of what it takes to be successful in your area of work, while making a continuous effort to advance your career. Reid Havens knows this well as a former student and instructor of Bellevue College Continuing Education’s Technology Program.

After earning a Master’s degree in Leadership & Organizational Development, Reid decided to pursue his next educational goal and enrolled in the Database Business Intelligence Developer Certificate at BCCE. This time, his focus was on the technology sector.

Choosing the right career path based on market trends is just as important as your determination to succeed. The right industry and job market will open doors and present lucrative opportunities. Find out how Reid forged his path and completed the Database Business Intelligence Developer Certificate, graduated on to teaching, started his own consulting business, and discovered a rewarding career.

Q&A with Reid Havens:

What is your educational background and professional experience?

I hold a Master’s degree in Leadership & Organizational Development from LIOS Graduate College (Kirkland, WA). I also went through the Database Business Intelligence Developer (DBBI) Certification at Bellevue College Continuing Education a few years back. My certification, paired with a lot of perseverance, provided enough desirability to allow entrance into the world of analytics with my first BI analyst job after completion of the certification. Since then, I’ve established my own consulting practice (Havens Consulting Inc.) where I manage projects that typically involve database and report development using either Excel PowerPivot or I also provide custom trainings/workshops either under my company or as a Principal Consultant for Lastly, I’ve recently been publishing “how to” articles for PowerPivotPro on their blog site, enabling BI analysts to better use excel and PowerBI.

Why did you choose to enroll in Bellevue College Continuing Education’s certificate program?

I was really wanting to change careers into something more technology focused. I had previously earned a Master’s in psychology and organizational development. Bellevue College offered one of the only in-depth business intelligence and database certifications on the Eastside. I’d received a recommendation from a friend and manager at Microsoft who spoke highly of the certification programs here.

What professional goals did you want to accomplish?

I had actually been very close to getting hired by Microsoft a few years prior, and was even flown down to Texas for an interview. Unfortunately, I was told that I didn’t have enough of a technical background to get the job, despite a great personality fit. So I was hoping that enrolling in the program would give me a jumpstart in the tech industry.

Did the certificate help you achieve those goals?

The program gave me enough experience to land a job within the analytics industry after completion of the certification. I had actually exhausted all of the online job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.), and had started cold emailing local analytics companies in the area. One of them responded and was gracious enough to take me in as a junior analyst. Since then, I’ve gone on to run my own analytics consulting business, become a principal consultant at PowerPivotPro, teach at Bellevue College, guest lecture at the University of Washington, and provide private training to multiple companies.

What was your experience like as a student? How did you transition to becoming an instructor?

The certification program was a wonderful experience to go through. Personally, I enjoyed the variety of teaching styles I got to experience in the program, as well as the assistance I received along the way from various students in some of the more advanced SQL classes. I think the overall competency of the instructors in most of the classes really helped with absorbing the material. The instructor position actually came as a surprise offer from a former instructor and professional connection of mine. Teaching is something that has grown into a strong passion of mine in recent years. With teaching, training, and workshops being some of the most rewarding aspects of my career, especially rewarding since the students/attendees typically really enjoy my teaching style.

What was the most beneficial part of the certificate program? 

Angela Harney stood out as one the instructors who really assisted me during the course of my certification. She actually wrote me a few letters of recommendation based on my competency during the Capstone course, saying that I was among one of the five best students she’s had historically. Each course had their own collection of great labs, skill sets, and other hands on demo’s that really helped put a lot of the material into long term memory.

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Last Updated April 25, 2017