Student Spotlight: Lee Riefberg Gets Inspired by New Languages

Language Classes

My first BC CE language class was ASL 1 in July 2015. It wasn’t my first CE class, but it was my first language class at BC and since high school Spanish. I ended up taking ASL 1-5, a conversational ASL class, and most recently, German 1.

I wanted to learn ASL for arguably unconventional reasons. I regularly find myself in loud environments and some friends and I thought learning ASL would be helpful. Thanks to the classes at BC and BC’s ASL club’s regular meetups, this initial interest blossomed into an insatiable love of languages. I really enjoy connecting with people via the medium of language. Hence when German 1 aligned with my schedule, I went for it.

My favorite things about BC CE: time, location, and the intimate learning environment. While ASL 1, for example, was a larger class, by the time I got to ASL 5, five or six students was the norm. This means more individual attention and deeper connections with other students and the teacher. Amanda Layton was flexible in her lesson plans and happy to adapt in-class activities to meet our needs. My favorite activity to date has been interpreting music – I was able to sign my favorite song at the end of the ASL 5.

No other school in the area offers the same selection of introductory-to-advanced classes, all at convenient times and locations, and at such reasonable prices. I intend to register for classes for as long as I can.


Lee Riefberg,

Student of Bellevue College


Last Updated June 13, 2017